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Shakespeare: Staging the World

19 July – 25 November 2012

The British Museum is staging a major exhibition on the world of Shakespeare, in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The exhibition provides a unique insight into the emerging role of London as a world city, seen through the innovative perspective of Shakespeare’s plays. It also explores the pivotal role of the playhouse as a window to the world outside London, and the playwright’s importance in shaping a new sense of national identity.

Tino Sehgal 2012

17 July – 28 October 2012

Tate has announced that Tino Sehgal will undertake the annual commission for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall in 2012. To be unveiled on 17 July that year, Sehgal’s new work will be the thirteenth to be commissioned in The Unilever Series.

Metamorphosis: Titian 2012

11 July – 23 September 2012

Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 brings together a group of specially commissioned works by contemporary artists, choreographers, composers, dancers and poets in response to three of Titian's paintings – Diana and Actaeon, The Death of Actaeon and 'Diana and Callisto' – all of which were inspired by Ovid’s poem 'Metamorphoses'.