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Christian Megert: a new space

11th January to 24th January 2012

In September 2011, James Mayor, John Austin and Hubertus Schoeller of the Mayor Gallery met with Christian Megert to discuss the forthcoming Megert exhibition, first at the gallery and afterwards during an excellent dinner near the Cork Street premises. James Mayor invited Christian Megert to give his view of the origins of Zero and to explain his own contribution to the development of the group in this catalogue. What he produced is not a complete presentation. In the form of a scarce curriculum vitae, Megert recalls, without pathos, events, meetings and facts. He explains his manifesto, his own cultural-political engagement and describes the connections and relationships between the various artists’ groups in Europe after World War 2, from 1957 until their worldwide recognition. 

The exhibition is arranged retrospectively: two typical mirror objects from the early 60s consist of several concave or convex, slightly tilted, partly overlapping vertical pieces of mirror. From the same time are his ‘labyrinthian lightbox’, a ‘cigar box’, and a ‘glass book’. As an example from the 70s we have an ‘endless light room’ and a light-kinetic object. The two mirrored compartment -pieces represent the 80s. The works from the last two decades are, with few exceptions, objects composed of polychrome mirror, glass and wood. They should be seen in the context of Megert’s earliest, monochrome, ‘mirror shards’.
Franziska Megert

The Mayor Gallery
22a Cork Street,
London W1S 3NA