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Matthew Carr (1953-2011) Memorial Exhibition

30th November – 22nd December 2011

Matthew Carr was born in Oxford in 1953, he trained at Camberwell and Cheltenham Schools of Art and sadly died of leukaemia earlier this year. This Memorial Exhibition contains a selection from work left in the studio, including a cycle of exquisite nude drawings of young people, many of them the children of his friends that he was working on before he became ill.

Nicola Shulman, in her address at Matthew’s funeral, said: “In matters of art, Matthew’s standards were extremely uncompromising. No-one was exempt from his criticism. He often had it in for Mozart, Velazquez, Michelangelo. And privately, these were the standards he turned on himself; which is why he threw away his oil paints as a distraction, and concentrated on perfecting his drawings: practising, practising, practising. He was always dissatisfied with what he had achieved, but he also knew he had it in him to be very good.”

Richard Dorment who sat for Matthew remembered that: “He was an incredible artist. His genius – and he was a genius – is in the connection he makes with his subjects. He rarely failed. Freud failed more often. He was vastly perceptive, and that perception went right through all his senses, and down to his fingertips. He got under the skin of his subject, and brought to bear that intensity that was part of his personality and which enabled him to get to you. He got everything about you. He got everything about everything.”

A fully illustrated catalogue with texts by Nichola Shulman and Alan Jenkins will be published. For further information, please contact Geoffrey Parton or Kate Austin on 0207 629 5161 or gparton@marlboroughfineart.com

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